Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing As Silver Sponsor, Supported by Joomla!

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One of the most popular open source content management systems, Joomla! is used for developing websites, blogs, custom apps and Intranets. This free open source software powers thousands of governments, small businesses, non-profits and large organizations, including General Electric, Harvard University, eBay, Ikea, McDonald's and so on.

Further, Joomla adds a beautiful feather to its hat by supporting the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing as a Silver Sponsor. This event is one of the largest of its kinds with more than 4,700 women participating to learn, share and inspire. The event is organized from 8-10 October in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

The conference having been founded in 1994 with an aim to bring the community of women technologists, the best minds in computing, and increased visibility for the contributions of women together for computing.

A hugely diverse audience is attracted by this event with representation from over 53 countries during the 2013 event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sarah Watz, President of Open Source Matters, will represent Joomla to deliver organization, legal and financial support to the Joomla project and Ruth Cheesley, Community Leadership Team member.

Ruth Cheesley runs a session entitled ‘Getting involved with Joomla’ in the Student Opportunities Lab that displays a chance for women to get concerned with Open Source projects such as Joomla at the time of their academic career and beyond.

Ruth Cheesley explains “The Joomla project has so much to offer to women who are interested in technology, right from coding, development and architecture through to community management, marketing, graphic design and so much more. I found the community to be a great place to work with people from around the world, learning and sharing knowledge and skills when we come together to make things happen. While Joomla is an Open Source project, it allows you to develop transferable skills and has a huge ecosystem of commercial organisations, freelancers and all kinds of businesses.”

The advantages of Joomla’s participation at the Grace Hopper Conference noted by Sarah Watz and shared, “Taking an active part as both a Silver Sponsor with a booth showcasing Joomla and running a session gives us a great opportunity to meet all these awesome women in Technology that comes to the event that might not have had the possibility to get to know what Joomla can do for them as well as what they can do for Joomla. I feel very excited about this possibility.”

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