How Joomla is Different from WordPress? 7 Worthy Reasons

Joomla v/s Wordpress
We have huge information about Joomla and WordPress; however, we still become confused to choose an appropriate option for our site. There are many differences between them. On other side, there are many overlaps of Joomla and WordPress. One of the best things about them is it can do a lot more things with their extensions and plug-ins. In addition, both are free and blessed with huge development community. Apart from, in this post, we are going to tell you some exceptional difference among them. Check it out:

Huge Scale Flexibility

If we are considering flexibility, Joomla comes to the first place. Complexity is its biggest strength as it has sections in sections, deep level navigation structure, and lots of power. For beginners, it is complicated, but once they understand it doesn’t need much programming knowledge.

On other side, WordPress is one of the efficient content management system that add remarkable functionality with its plug-ins. Theme layouts decide the navigation structure of WP websites and its changing structure needs CSS and WP script knowledge.

Joomla is More Scalable

Joomla allows building more functional website. Number of extensions is developed to adjust tiny detail. Moreover, installation is very easy for complicated components like specific user permissions, tightly controlled, community software, etc. that seems to be natural for those website that powered by CMS.


Blogs are the biggest weakness of Joomla and for WordPress; it is waste of time to discuss this issue. If you are building Joomla site then you have to add third-party extensions to add a dynamic content. While WordPress’s blog comes with some marvelous functionality, including tag cloud, teaser posts, built-in comments, post archives, post tag, and so on.

Create Community

Both have different approaches for website management, WordPress consider minimalism while Joomla focuses on design and functionalities. Both CMS has enough documentation and their forums. WordPress is not enough when it comes to community while Joomla has excellent community.

Updated Software

Software update is one of the main reasons to change CMS platforms. Users just have to click at your dashboard to get your version upgrade, once it releases. When it comes to Joomla, it is completely different. An upgradation of Joomla requires the full sense of website migration. Users have to create new Joomla website and transfer your existing site.

Intuitive Interface

Many developers and users prefer the CMS platform for their site management as it is more comfortable and looks excellent at first sight. If you are using WordPress, you get to know that its looks amazing with comprehensible and easy to get use functionality. It delivers basic options for your content editing and if we are comparing it with Joomla, we seem it becomes more complicated to get to the bottom.
Managing Media Files
Joomla and WordPress are blessed with some marvelous features for media management strategy. In WordPress, one can easily add all “alt” and “title” tags and caption for images in the database while in Joomla have great advantages of adding folders in a library. According to some CMS critics, WordPress and Joomla’s media file management options should be combined to create a perfect system.
These are some different of Joomla and WordPress that you know while choosing one among two. After knowing difference, if you are thinking to Joomla Development or WordPress development service, then hire professional team from Perception System at best suited rates.