Drupal 8 – A Responsive Platform that Comes With Interesting Features

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The all new Drupal 8 is the best mobile friendliness platform that has created huge buzz in the market. When it comes to describe this platform, mobile friendly, responsive and squashy are the three words that are perfect for describing the behavior of the website. It is a leading platform that invokes on different devices or different screen sizes without any hassle because of its responsive nature.

The all new platform comes with more than 200 new features and enhancements that make this open source web content management system win you over. The best part of it is that it can set a new standard for ease of use, and it also provides enormous ways to tailor and deploy your content to the web.

Now, users of this high-end platform can take advantage of various new capabilities in order to display data on mobile devices, adapting to multilingual needs and developing APIs. In short, if Drupal 8 is the mobile friendly, it is perfect for all your websites to make them for flexible than before. Moreover, its leaner and meaner core, simple migration process from earlier versions, loads huge power for modules, in-place content editing tools and more, Drupal 8 has something for everyone.

Some of the Cool Features of Drupal 8:

Built-in Web Services – Drupal 8 is one such platform that can build mobile applications easier as the data source or even post back to Drupal from the client.

New Configuration Management

With its new configuration management feature, users can easily transport configuration changes and manage versions with ease.

A Wonderful User Experience – To serve your visitors a better and incredible experience, leverage jQuery UI’s autocomplete and model dialogs.

Easy Authoring – To instantly develop formatted content and to make changes on the fly, users are allowed to use the WYSIWYG editor and in-place editing.

HTML5 for Better Markup

When it comes to the page markeup in Drupal 8, it is now HTML5-based and each single output template has simplified elements and classes with native tools for mobile fields like email, phone and date.

So, these are some of the major features of Drupal 8 platform that every user can enjoy. There are various features as well that are not mentioned here. So, if you are looking to get professional’s assistant for Drupal 8 development, you should contact an experienced Drupal development company.