Which is Better Joomla OR WordPress? - 5 Practical Comparisons

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Developers can easily build a content managed website in both content management systems, Joomla! and WordPress, however, it is must for them to choose an appropriate one for their online business. Choosing a correct CMS provides them more flexibility to your site. So, in this post, we are going to differentiate some important points of Joomla! and WordPress that helps you to decide better CMS.

WordPress is Boss of Blog

There is no doubt WordPress is million times best than Joomla as it is it started as blog software. It allows easily adding remarkable functionality like post archives, tag clouds, simple “about” sidebars, commenting, etc. with just some steps. All these things are biggest weakness of Joomla.

Joomla also allows to create blog, but to add more functionality; you have to add third-party extensions and canoodling.

WordPress Interface Better Than the Joomla Interface

Most of the users are feeling that the WordPress interface is better than Joomla interface. One can find comfortable with WP as it has large font, some options on its first page to manage website.

Comparing to WordPress, Joomla! is easier than it looks. One can have to feel confident while learning Joomla CMS. If we are “judging a book by its cover”, then we have to make WordPress as winner of this round.

Joomla! is Flexible

There are many things, which actually not possible in WordPress like themes are a little more “locked-down” with some features. Even, some are not comfortable with PHP and complex CSS. On other side, if we are looking at Joomla!, we find every functionality is possible with plug-ins.

Joomla Can Do A Lot More Actions

As we all know that Joomla can grow into a more difficult site than WP and thus, different extensions are created for Joomla! CMS to adjust every tiny detail that makes me feel that Joomla is more scalable than WordPress.

WordPress and Joomla Should Combine Their Media File Strategies

Let’s check out advantages of WordPress and Joomla! for Media files:

WordPress advantages:

  • Allows saving text title tags, captions, and “alt” tags for images

  • Big media file is added, which is separated from the WYSIWYG editor

Joomla advantages:

  • Allows adding space/padding around the image in same window

  • Simpler to create folders in your media library
These are some difference that tells difference between both CMS. Now, it is up to you what content management system, you are adopting for your business. 

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