Selecting Best CMS for eCommerce Website – Magento, WordPress & Drupal

When it comes to select the best content management system for ecommerce, it is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. There are lots of CMSs options obtainable to choose from. Each option has its own features and strength to offer.

However, it is essential to choose the best CMS for your eCommerce website so that you end-up with getting a perfect website to sell your range of products. Currently, WordPress, Drupal and Magento are three major platforms that offer a complete range of features to get huge success.

Through functionality, search ability, usability and analytics, you can make your best decision to choose one such CMS that meets your requirements. Below, you can find some major aspects to consider while selecting a CMS for eCommerce, so have a look:

Magento – A powerful platform

First developed eCommerce platform, Magento stuffed with some high-end features that allow users to get their desired Magento website. It is also integrated with the blogging capabilities that WordPress is well-known for.

It is one such feature that makes Magento a more robust CMS for eCommerce. Being an open source platform, Magento offers high-level of functionality for users. There are lots of small eCommerce websites that are thinking that Magento is not right platform for them, but it is the perfect solution for them.

Apart from this, large eCommerce businesses that are generating more than $1 million can benefit from this platform as it offers maximum number of tools that are required for complex systems.

WordPress CMS for eCommerce

Undeniably, WordPress is the leading CMS platform that used today as it is highly estimated platform that used by over half of all websites to use a content management system. Moreover, it also offers lots of plugins that allow you to customize functionality and the look of our website as per your need.

This platform begins as a blogging platform; however eCommerce plugins have made it a worthwhile option for businesses. These plugins make this platform to match a variety of business settings. Users can also get a complete range of open source themes that can be customized as well and integrated into their eCommerce website.

Drupal eCommerce

It is true that Magento is a powerful platform to build e-Commerce site, but Drupal is also a great choice that has less complexity for small businesses. Today, you would find lots of businesses, who prefer this platform for developing their eCommerce website.

Drupal offers a great choice of flexibility and power to business owners that enable them to run a perfect eCommerce website. When it comes to integrate Drupal commerce, it offers more functionality by integrating CMS and eCommerce into one package.

For all the eCommerce businesses, it is best to integrate Drupal and Drupal commerce as it saves their huge time compared to a Magento and Wordpress integration that needs the maintenance of two separate platforms.

So, these are the three major eCommerce platforms to choose from. One can select any of these platforms to get high-end eCommerce website to sell their lots of products and services worldwide. If you are looking to get support for Drupal development, it is recommended to opt for Drupal developer for hire so that you get best services.