Drupal 7 OR Drupal 8 – Which Fits Best in Responsive website Development?

Drupal 7v/s 8
Drupal has grabbed attention of millions of web developers and owners with its out-of-box features and functionality. This content management system is used for developing robust and powerful web applications for every business size. There are many businesses preferring a professional Drupal development company to get their business application developed in the most excellent manner.

Drupal 8 has been launched by Drupal team, which is a successor of existing Drupal 7 version. Drupal 8 comes with numerous excellent features that beat previous version. On other side, many people think that Drupal 7 is best to create applications. If you are planning to develop Drupal application, but don’t know which version is best then read this article to know differences.

Why choose Drupal 7?

Interface and User-friendly Improvements

Drupal 7 is user-friendly and provides many options that allow easy customization. It also provides the shortcuts for the long tasks that admired by Drupal developers, who are using this version.

Less number of Modules

Previous version of Drupal comes with many amazing modules that enhance the caching speed of a website. But, in latest version, i.e. Drupal 7 has less modules downloads that helps in resizing the images and the aspect ratios of the video files to any possible size.

Develop Responsive websites

This version allows developers to create complicated websites. It is one of the best framework that used by developers to create custom functionality. Moreover, it is also blessed with a large and rapidly growing community, which is enthusiastic about enhancing the software and supporting its usage.

Why choose Drupal 8?

Enhanced HTML5

One can glad to have more powerful and improved version of HTML 5 with the latest Drupal 8. It comes with major coding extensions for improved management of the website.

Multilingual capabilities

In Drupal 7, we have seen the add-ons were not compatible with the different languages. However, thanks to Drupal 8 that allows developers to leverage from its multilingual language capabilities by using Google translator compatibility.

Speedy framework

Drupal 8 is well-known for offering smooth transition effects to the site. It is blessed with a phenomenal file uploading and storing speed and also have speedy transitions to web pages. For better navigation, it comes with excellent drop down menus.

There is no doubt, both the versions are better from one another. So, it is advisable to adopt such versions that you required most for developing application. Drupal Developer for Hire is easily available for those merchants, who are looking for adopting developments service. So, what are waiting for? Search the best company and get excellent Drupal development service at your budget.

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