5 Effective Tips to Load Joomla 3.x Website Faster

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Joomla! is one of the most used frameworks on which one can easily develop, integrate components and even, develop robust websites. Being a popular CMS, Joomla known for its flexibility and thus, we have seen a large number of extensions and a vast communities.

Having lots of functionality in Joomla then why the problem of speed rises? Let me tell you, Joomla itself is not slow, one can have to improve settings and have to use different options to boost Joomla 3.x website performance.

If you have slow website then you will face lots of problems, in the form of low traffic and low Google ranking. There are many people thinking that why Joomla website loads slower even it was upgraded to version 3.x. if you are thinking so, then here are some tips to speed up your Joomla 3.x website.

Enable Gzip Compression

Now, one can compress their web page by using the Gzip Compression feature before sending them to the users. After that, the user’s browser will uncompress and it takes less time than transferring uncompressed pages.

The Gzip Compression is disabled in Joomla 3.x by default and thus, users have to enable it manually by going through below given steps:

For that, you have to select Site on the top of menu and then click on Global Configuration >> Server tab, and switch the Gzip Page Compression to YES option.

Enable Cache System

There are many websites, whose contents are not changing frequently. Thus, the Joomla’s theory caching is very simple. It works on taking a copy of the whole page in its first load. Those users, who are visiting again into site, can get copy without reloading the same images and files all over again.
One can have to ensure that they are enabling Joomla Cache system by following simple yet effective steps then given below. Going through such steps enhance website’s speed as well.

Global Configuration >> System >> Cache setting, and switch Cache to “ON – Conservative caching”. Users have to choose 30 (minutes) in ‘Cache time’ for a cache file to be stored before it is refreshed.

Go for the Right Hosting Provider

There is no doubt that your site is placed on the same service as other sites are placed. As a result, it could slower down the speed when many clients together access this server. It is must to choose a reputed hosting provider, the one who can meet all your Joomla’s requirements like: server hardware support, a limited number of sites per server, server caching support, Joomla expert support and so on. Some of the most popular hosting providers are HostGator, Bluehost, Inmotion, Arvixe, etc. that recommended by Joomla.

Optimization Settings (Images, CSS, Java Scripts…)

We have mentioned some optimizations tips that you can use to enhance the speed of your website.

  • You have to use lighter and simpler website template as the simple is always best.

  • Avoid uploading big scale pictures. You can resize them before uploading.

  • It would be great to clean up Joomla regularly and remove unwanted things, i.e. plugins, “Not Found” queries, unused components, modules, plugins, etc.

  • Reduce CSS files and Compress JavaScript files

  • Minify and combine Javascript and CSS to minimize HTTP requests and file size

Finally, Check Joomla Website Speed

Now, it’s time to check your website’s speed. One can do before or after following all the guidelines. You will find surprising that your website loads faster. Checking can be done by using different tools like Pingdom tools, YSlow Chrome plugin, Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix.

These tips are enough to speed up your Joomla 3.x website. Apart from enhancing speed, if you want to adopt Joomla customization service then contact Perception System to get “Joomla Developers For hire” service at affordable price.