Hire Drupal Developer to Improve Your Site’s Performance

Hire Drupal Developer
Drupal is one of the most scalable content management systems that created by vibrant community and bursting with potential. This platform is preferable by thousands of developers and store owners due to its capability to deliver intricate yet effective Drupal solutions. The most amazing thing about this CMS is it delivers numerous modules and also has an ability to create their own modules to make website more impressive. This content management system has thousands of free designs and plug-ins that allows you rapid development.

But, there is the time when Drupal’s performance is affected because of many erroneous configuration or optimization issues at the time of Drupal installation. At that time, it is must to avoid such matters by hiring Drupal Programmer/Developer, who has enough experience of developing excellent websites.

Why Hire Drupal Programmer?

Presently, we don’t find any website with the static compilation of the few web pages. It becomes must to update site regularly for perfect optimization and higher position on the major search engine like Google, Bing, etc. This is where the requirement of CMS rises and Drupal content management system is one of the leading CMS across the world.

This CMS is mostly preferred by the online merchants due to its open-source aspect and other features that help to create a fully operational web store. As the mobile friendly website requires by merchants, the requirements for Drupal developers, who are expert in creating highly-dynamic website also arises. If you want to prevent your site from becoming slow, then it is must to concentrate on particular area of website. There are many issues that determine the entire website’s performance, such as:

  • Most of the website has too long loading time

  • Uploading, adding or editing content is time taking on the web page

  • Web page load time is extremely long for first time visitors.

It is evaluated that about 20 percent of response time is devoted in recovering HTML files along with some documents like videos, CSS, JS, images, and so on. Hire dedicated Drupal developers to enhance site performance and enhance the response time of your website. You can use below given technique for enhance site’ performance like:

  • Use image maps that include various images into a single composite image. This will help you to minimize the HTTP requests and will improve the response time of the page.

  • Minimize the count of components like scripts, images, flash and style-sheets to lower the HTTP requests

  • Remove all your undesirable modules and manage the scalability facet of Drupal platform.

  • In order to minimize database query, install APC module & set Drupal’s caching ability to normal

These are some changes that improve Drupal’s performance. Making some changes in Drupal CMS is easy for both developer and users as it is bequeathed with certain instinctive features like multilingual support. So, if you are thinking to make some changes in your Drupal CMS or want to adopt Drupal Development service then contact US now.