Hottest Buzz of 2014: Automated WordPress to Drupal Migration Update That Includes SEO Data

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Good news for Drupal lovers. An advanced possibility to perform WordPress to Drupal migration is announced by CMS2CMS online converter for flawless and accurate migration of WP to Drupal CMS. With this migration, one cannot lose the SEO makes that makes migration more improved and supreme. One of the best things about the website owners is it get free support before, during and after process by CMS2CMS so they can easily and effective convert their website to Drupal.

For making migration simpler and easier, CMS2CMS team has been working hard to find out the easiest ways to satisfy the website owners’ needs. They have also found possible means of transferring any type of website’s content along with preserving SEO after the migration process. As a result, WordPress to Drupal migration becomes fully automated and switch will take only a few minutes. There are many features of Automated Migration such as

  • It is simple as coding knowledge is not required

  • Process will take about 15 minutes, depending on the size of Drupal website.

  • Users will get free demos to see how it works.

  • Live chat option is available for instant solution.
Things you can migrate from WordPress to Drupal

  • Pages: One easily migrate Static website content like About Us page into corresponding Drupal pages.

    Posts: All the posts from WP are converted into Drupal

  • Categories: Content categories and sections with conserved “parent-child” relations and posts that belongs to them.

  • Tags: You will see tags corresponding to particular post of WP websites

  • Content Images: You will see images are transferred to Drupal along with the post as it only belongs to WP site. However, it should be mentioned that this feature is optional.

  • User Data: Information like username, login, email etc. should be converted

    Comments: The post comments along with author name, email and submit date are moved.

  • Menu Items: content, custom menu items, Category, tag, etc. should be converted.

Other than this, you will find some additional options like

  • Make URLs SEO-friendly

  • Migrate images / attachments

  • 301 Redirects from old URLs to new URLs

  • Clear current data on New Site before Migration

  • Migrate categories and pages/articles/posts SEO aliases

  • Fix broken relationships in the database

  • Fix internal links after migration
Some steps should be taken by website’s owner before Migration:

  • First of all, you have to install WordPress and have both WordPress and Drupal websites live.

  • You have to search out Drupal website FTP access details like username, password, host, etc. for maintaining bridge on Drupal site.

  • Lastly, you have to set up custom URL structure for WP for internal links to work properly after migration process.
These are such things that you should take care and must know before migrate your WP site into Drupal CMS. After migrating, you can easily renovate your site by adopting Drupal Design and Development service from reliable Drupal Development Company.