Role of Module Development in Your Drupal CMS

Drupal Module Development
Drupal is one of the best open source web development platforms for online content and user communities. This platform controls some reputed and hectic websites, including Stanford University,, and so on. Over 10 years ago, Drupal was created as open-source software under the GNU Public License and today, we are happily to introduce the release of the Shareaholic module for Drupal for our users.

Why We Develop a module for Drupal?

Shareaholic works with all the leading content management systems and hosting platforms like Magento, WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, Drupal, Tumblr, etc. and already levels to any size. However, we tried to create it easier for Drupal site to get started with and incorporate Shareaholic.

Shareaholic wanted to create it 1-click dead simple and easy, like they have done for WP sites through the official Shareaholic for WordPress plug-in that right now powers uncountable WP sites.

What Drupal Users get?

Having the latest Drupal module, users get access to the Shareaholic tools fully along with dedicated customer support- free of cost. Now onwards, you don’t have to play with JavaScript or HTML in order to utilize Shareaholic on Drupal site. Installation of Shareaholic tools is simple and efficient. Shareaholic for Drupal delivers you:

Social Analytics: It offers you essential actionable metrics that includes approaching into how your content is performing, who’s sharing it, and through which mediums.

Share Buttons: An effective share buttons allows sharing comments, purchases, articles, images, or other activities from your site to social networking sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more with just one-click.

Related Content: Highlighting relevant content by maximizing engagement and time.

What Exceptional Things Shareaholic has:

  • Responsive Functionality: Delivering remarkable experience of exploring to your visitors, no matter whether they are visiting your site from a tablet, mobile or desktop.

  • Reliable and Secure: Shareaholic is engineered all our codes by using industry best practices to ensure it as unobtrusive and responsive. Users shouldn’t have to need extra hosting as Shareaholic processes everything on their servers.

  • Privacy: It helps our users with EU / UK Cookie Compliance

Other than this, there are many more amazing features available. Want to adopt Shareaholic for Drupal? Hire Drupal Developer from the reliable web development company. For more information about Drupal Module Development, visit our site.