Atrium 2 Making Its Ways towards Drupal Development

An Updated Drupal Based Collaboration Tool, Open Atrium has released with many commercial software options. This remarkable tool is designed to deliver a great combination of document collaboration, social network and project management systems. One of the best things about this collaboration tool is it connects multiple systems in one place. The companies, who are using many tools, can have now Open Atrium to serve every purpose, said Karen Borchert, vice president of strategic initiatives at Phase2. She added, “"There's lots of confusion around what an intranet is today, so Open Atrium 2 was built with flexibility in mind,” while interview with

There are many businesses welcoming this tool for incorporating many options such as portals, microblogs and wikis to team and document management tools and intranets through many different systems available in the market. To serve all these needs of business, you must have Open Atrium 2 as "So far, the implementations we see are less social oriented and more assets focused," she said. According to the calculation, more than 3,800 downloads are done late since Open Atrium 2 released late last month.

Open Atrium 2 is mostly downloaded by Drupal developers for creating intranets for their clients as it works well with so many other systems, which is its one of the strong points. Open Atrium consists of built-in pluggable framework that means developers can easily create modules many existing tools such as Yammer and Confluence, said Karen Borchert. She added, "Companies often come to us with existing SharePoint installations and say they are considering an open source tool to help them scale." Here, the major concern is the scale and this would be the main reasons why many big businesses have multiple systems at one place.

A Bootstrap based, responsive theme is used by Open Atrium 2 while users will find version 1 was more locked down. The Panopoly Drupal distribution is also employed by this collaboration tool for its WYSIWYG program and panel’s editor. Additionally, some of the great features like mobile optimization, notifications, document creation and storage, micro sites and the ubiquitous activity stream are also included in this tool. If you want to install Open Atrium then download of free and those people, who want to know how to install it their Drupal Development task, can see hosted demos through companies like Phase2. So, hire Drupal Developer to install this collaboration tools for your company.

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