7 Top-rated Drupal Modules That You Should Try in 2014

Drupal Module Development
Today, there are lots of CMS obtainable in the market that can be used to make your business more powerful than before. Currently, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are different CMSs that are popular for their unique features, performance and incredible functionalities.

Among all these CMS, Drupal is the best CMS that fits in your business requirements and help businesses to achieve their business goal. Today, the platform has clearly distinguished itself from other CMS and continues to see widespread adoption.

When it comes to Drupal’s Modules, they are the big reason for the popularity of this CMS as its modules are simple and extremely useful that allows users to develop a well configured website which severs on multiple levels.

If you are using a Drupal CMS for your website, here you can find 10 highly effective and top-rated modules that you should try in 2014:

Module Filter

The default module menu of Drupal is completely disgusting, and searching for new module from different options is not easily possible, so Module Filter is a great module that known for simplifying the process and offers extremely useful filters that can help users to get what they are looking for. Currently, it is the most important module that every Durpal CMS user should use in their website.


When it comes to context module, it enables users to manage their contextual conditions and reactions for different portions of site. Users of this module can think of each context as representing a section of your website. It is easily possible to specify some blocks to appear or menu items to be active that based on where you are on this website.

Admin Menu

Admin Menu is the best Drupal module that allows users to instantly jump to any administration menu of your choice on the go via a single smart top menu bar after installing it to website. Admin Menu is the most popular drupal module of all time because of its wonderful features.

Currently, Display Suite has gained tremendous success in the market as it is one such module that enables users to take full control on how their content is appearing using a drag and drop interface. Moreover, this module also provides more fine-grained control over how fields are rendered in various view modes and enabling people to specify different layouts for different view modes.

Field Group

Field Groups is well-known for group fields together as it name suggest. All the fieldable units have the possibility to add groups to wrap their fields together. The best thing about this module is that it can help you in better manner to organize your content editing screen.

Menu Blocks

Durpal’s highly effective module Menu block offers configurable blocks of menu tress starting with different level of any menu. One can use this module to easily have the first as well as second levels of navigation in the header of the website. Moreover, this module can also have the third and below in the sidebar on sub-pages.

Permission Grid –

Permission Grid is also the best Drupal module that simplifies the default permissions of Drupal and it also offers you with the list of simple to comprehend options. So, it is must having module for Drupal users.

So, these are 7 Drupal modules that you should try in 2014 to make your website more accessible and flexible than before. Using these modules, you can enjoy plenty of new features on your site and give your visitors a rich experience. To get more information on Drupal module development, you can hire a professional Drupal developer from any trusted Drupal development company.