Finest Drupal modules - Turns Your Online Store into Social Networking Site

Drupal Development
In present scenario, social networking sites play an important role to enhance the business. It becomes more essential for every online business to adopt social plugins like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many more to share their products details among their customers or for promotion purpose. Looking to such requirements, Drupal module development is adopted by the online store owner to install essential module in their online store. Using Drupal modules, users can easily like, share or subscribe any website’s content through social networks using social media. So, lets’ discuss some of the best modules of social media available for Drupal development.

Drupal for Facebook equipped with numerous features like ‘Facebook feed’ and ‘Like’ buttons that permit users to join your online store with their Facebook account. It also allows users to publish content on your Facebook walls.

Organic Groups:
Just like Facebook, with Organic Groups, one can able to create and manage their own group that includes subscribers. Using such group, each of subscribers can able to communicate with each regarding any topic, whether it is product review, use of products, etc. All such things can be done through posting the usual node types like page, blog, story, etc.

Using Twitter module, owner can also show their latest tweets on their website, it will help you to gain popularity of your store on Twitter. Moreover, one can easily login in their Drupal website through Twitter account and able to state their latest posts among visitors without leaving admin area.

User Points:
For gaining or losing points, API is provided by this module while some performance occurred in owner’s online store. Using user points, owner can easily gather points for actions like commenting, moderation duties and posting nodes. Drupal Commons distribution already has Userpoints as it is best for users to share their views and thought about your website.

ShareThis is designed to combine with ShareThis social bookmarking, available in some node types.

As name suggests, it tracks and displays activities like comments, users/profiles, nodes, etc. of the website. Display suite implementation of Heartbeat helps to create controllable them with UI only. Even, it is one of the best modules that create modes to set overriden per stream or set per message type.
Above given are some social networking modules that improves your website at the high level. Online store owner also has more option of modules. If you don’t have idea about such module, then hire experienced drupal developer, who deliver you best outcome with proper Drupal module development.