Drupal.org Got Hacked

Drupal Hacked
On May 30 2013, Drupal.org got hacked and all the essential passwords spread into malevolent hands. It wasn’t result for of a Drupal vulnerability as per the security team's announcement, however the proper reason is not disclosed by the team. Having the problem of hacking, now Drupal is going to forcefully change the passwords for all user accounts to make account secure. Hackers might have accessed usernames, email addresses and passwords of Drupal users that may create problem in accessing. Launched in 2001, Drupal is one of the most preferable platforms available under General Public License.

According to the recent calculation, at least 2.1 % of all websites around the world are using a back-end system. These users include media-heavy entertainment, data.gov.uk and many more. Groups.drupal.org and drupal.org were two websites hit, not number of customer sites running on the platform. On this hacking issue, Holly Ross said, "Malicious files were placed on association.drupal.org servers via a third-party application used by that site". "Upon discovering the files during a security audit, we shut down the association.drupal.org website to mitigate any possible ongoing security issues related to the files.The Drupal Security Team then began forensic evaluations and discovered that user account information had been accessed via this vulnerability."

Apart from, there is no news about interception of credit card data. Moreover, no proof is found about unauthorized changes regarding Drupal source code or projects. Rebuilding production, staging, and development systems respond Drupal.org administrators and improve most servers with grsecurity, which is the best security patches for the Linux operating system. Moreover, Admins also hardened their configuration of the Apache Web server application and included scanning as a security of account. Many webmasters converted their website to static archives, so they cannot able to add anything in future.

Those people, who have account in Drupal.org have to change password by entering (https://drupal.org/user/password) and insert username or e-mail address and follow the link. Additionally, Ross also advised to account holders to change login credentials on other sites that use same password used by Drupal.org. According to Drupal's front page figures, 967,545 people in 228 countries are speaking about 181 languages using this platform. So, it is said that issue is dangerous for Drupal.

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