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Joomla Keynote
One of the biggest events “Joomla Day Brazil” is a two day event that is scheduled to be held on May 2nd and 3rd at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC-SP. According to the reports, this event will feature lots of keynote presentations, networking opportunities and workshops.

From across the world, lots of speakers are going to take part in the JoomlaDay Brazil event. Moreover, Saturday keynotes will be presented in this event in the both languages English as well as Portuguese. As we all know that in the last couple of years, Joomla has been quickly rising with the popularity as a preferred technology solution in South America.

Lots of schools, government firms and businesses are appreciating the initial success, and the latent Joomla platform can be used for connecting and developing their web based infrastructures.

We all know that the Brazil is one such country that exceptionally active Joomla community with lots of Joomla Day events that grab the attention of more than 300 attendees in years past. When it comes to talk about this year event, it is in Sao Paulo and it will surpass previous attendance and draw more people towards it.

About Joomla CMS –

First introduced in 2005, Joomla is rapidly gaining the market share worldwide as it is the fastest approaching approximately 3% of all the websites online. The best thing about this platform is that it ranks number one in most of Europe and top three CMS in its class across the world.

With the help of organization’s volunteers, who give their 100%, Joomla has gained huge success in the market and it stands out as a leading 21st century’s business model. However, the mobile version of Joomla 3 CMS platform comes with lots of exciting features that you cannot find in any other version in the history of 8 years.

Joomla 3 CMS was the one such first CMS that introduced the Bootstrap library into their core and the first to offer 2 factor authentications. However, it is hoping that the release of Joomla 3.3 brings five new and dynamic features that enhance the security and offer useful development tools. It also comes to know that it offers enhanced scalability for enterprise use.

The Presentation of the Event –

Christopher Nielsen (USA) and Erico Lopez (Brazil)’s keynote presentation along with CNP integrations, can explore the reasons why this is an exciting yet serious time for Joomal’s development.

Christopher Nielsen, an owner and general manager of JoomlaDay Brazil, said “Having the chance to speak and participate in JoomlaDay Brazil is a real honor. It is an exciting time for the Joomla Community globally. Brazil is booming with opportunity for growing awareness of just how powerful open source technologies can be in changing the world”.

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