5 Most Common Mistakes of Joomla Developers

Joomla CMS Development
Currently, Joomla is one of the most popular and great CMS that widely used for developing a high-end website. While developing a Joomla website, there are various common mistakes that made by Joomla developers.

Today, you would various Joomla professionals, who encounter with most common mistakes no matter whether they are developing Joomla extensions, themes, websites or anything else. Clearly, there are more than six most common mistakes that we can notice some Joomla developers make, but here I have listed 6 different mistakes that can a big different in your Joomla website when addressed well. Let’s have a look:

  1. Absent the support for custom layouts or custom classes –

    Layouts -
Many times, while developing a component or module you are providing just a single view layout: default.php. Users need to deal with graphics as it is one such item that most of the users are looking to change. If you have decided to provide your users with a new view, you only need to add the layout parameter to the extension’s configuration and ensure that its value is used while rendering the view.

Extra Class –
As we all know that both modules and components can accept a custom CSS class that depends on your template. It can be added on joined with the standard classes. However, the standard name is moduleclass_sfx, and it will appear in the module’s or component’s containers, therefore allowing custom module-dependant css-styling.

  1. Missing Translations –
When it comes to talk about the best part, it is to insert new strings into the translation files as you can develop a new functionality. Before releasing anything, a suitable practice is to review your code and extract the translations. Moreover, there are only two places that you can locate the translation files – under/language/en-GB or /module/mod_yourmod/language.

Secondly, being the most preferred method by 1.6+ extension developers as it keeps all the extensions in one place. Moreover, users are also able to load some other extensions translation file as it is very much important while delivering a package to keep duplication and maintenance to a minimum. The first major step to move all the string to an-GB.extension_name.ini assigning a constant i.e –

Now save and you are completely ready to use it: JText::_("MOD_MYMODULE_HELLO_TEXT") will return the localized text.

  1. Missing Sprites –
When it comes to sprites, these are such images that come with graphics for numerous items on the output. For instance – toolbar is a buttonbar or simply reminder icons that can spread out through your website. Generally, it is a lot simpler to have one such picture per icon and another – hover effects when appropriate. Moreover, it also results in unresponsive hover mechanism and lots of separate downloads. We all know that keeping the download to a least is quite daunting task, but if you achieve this advantage.

  1. Not having a backup plan
It is the worst common mistake that various Joomla developers made. It is one such step that can save your wisdom. There are lots of wonderful tools such as Akeeba Backup obtainable for free, so there will be not a single excuse of not having a backup plan in place. Many developers forget this point because they believe that their web hosting company will take backups for them.

  1. Wrong Routing –
Frequently, a page’s address is composed of lots of items:

ption com_content The name of the component
option com_content The name of the component
task display The name of the function in the controller which is invoked
view default The name of the view
The name of the template. Optionally can be set to "component" to only output the component, instead of the full page. This can be customized in the component.php file in the templates folder (create it if it's not there)
format json, raw This is usually added to requests for ajax responses

It is not good to base the router.php policy on the lots of parameters while it can lead to good optimizations in the path length. However, this is also a dream to maintain and debug as they usually break when you are using Ajax calls.

So, these are the five most common mistakes that most of the Joomla developers made while handling the project. If you are looking to avoid such mistakes in your website, you need to hire a professional Joomla developer from any trusted Joomla development company.

Summary: “Today, you can find lots of Joomla developers, who made numerous mistakes while handling your Joomla project, so it is essential to be careful. In this blog, I have listed five most common mistakes of Joomla developers. So have a look.”