Open Source CMS Joomla Crossed Over 50 Million Downloads

Open Source CMS Joomla
Joomla is one such open source CMS solution that comes in your mind whenever you think of any open-source content management system as it is the most advanced and feature-rich CMS that used for websites, blogs and custom applications to Intranets.

Today, the company has announced that its CMS (Joomla) has crossed over 50 million downloads. It is one of the biggest achievements for the company as its most powerful CMS has been downloaded more than 50 million times by worldwide people.

Paul Orwig, a President of Open Source Matters, said “This is a huge milestone for the Joomla community that can be traced back to the tireless work of hundreds of thousands of contributors.” He added "Joomla and its collaborative community have continued to build truly versatile software that fuels its widespread adoption. We are encouraged by the rate of growth and will continue to provide the most powerful and flexible tools needed to improve the digital world."

Being so popular and advanced CMS, Joomla attributes this milestone and continued its growth in the lots of websites as its has been downloaded at a rate of just less than 1 million downloads per month and its powering more than 3.1% of the web.

Equipped with some high-end features, Joomla is a perfect CMS for developing websites to blogs to custom applications. Today, you would find more and more developers, who are adopting this CMS because of its rich features that are mentioned below:

Flexibility & Openness of this CMS

Joomla is one such framework that allows its developers to custom-built apps or CMSs and more easily by combining the features of Joomla with features from other open-source frameworks. Being a free and open source CMS, it has gained huge popularity in the market.

Constantly Innovating

As we all know that Joomla released version 3.2 of its CMS in November 2013 as it maintained its six-month release cycle. When it comes to its new version, the CMS has added a number of new features and improvements to its CMS by making it the most simple and secure Joomla CMS. Moreover, the improvements of this CMS comprise rapid application development, version control, an extension finder, two-factor authentication and bcrypt. Further, it also provides restored extension development abilities.

Rising developer community & numerous extensions

We all know that Joomla developer community has collaborated and contributed through its 2.8 million forum posts and about 630,000 forum members. However, the community of Joomla developer also holds lots of regular events around the globe like user-group meet-ups, conferences, JoomlaDays and more.

These days, Joomla is continuing to see adoption in lots of different industries from non-profits to some of the world’s biggest financial institutions. Currently, this CMS has powered approximately in more than 3200 government agencies’ sites, blogs, and intranets in 204 countries.

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“Powered completely by open source community, Joomla has more than 3% of web properties that run on it. Recently, the company has declared that its CMS has passed more than 50 million downloads worldwide.”