Drupal 8 – A Multilingual Capabilities Platform

Drupal Development
An upcoming Drupal 8 platform will surely set a new standard for ease of use as this high-end platform will offer a lot of new and impressive ways to tailor and deploy your content to the web.

Users of Drupal 8 platform will get capability to easily customize data structures, pages, listings and advantages of new abilities for showing data on mobile devices, adapting to multilingual needs and building APIs.

The best thing about this platform is that there is something for everyone to love in Drupal 8 as it will come with a leaner and meaner core, in-place content editing tools, simpler migration process from earlier versions and more. Let's have a look on Drupal 8 features that you can enjoy:

Mobile is in its DNA

The upcoming Drupal 8 is not only mobile friendly, but its mobile first. In this new platform, all the built-in themes are fully-responsive. However, administration pages are even a snap to use on mobile devices. Tables shrink completely, and the new admin toolbar is mobile from the start. Moreover, the new administration experience featuring mobile-first back to site button, lightweight and more.

Accessibility Integration

Drupal 8 has also added large support for accessibility technologies like semantic HTML5 and WAI-ARIA. The platform will also offer centralized control for rich Internet apps with the ARIA Live Announcements API and TabManager. A lot of small enhancements have been made in color contrast, front sizes and the system will purchase jQuery UI's autocomplete and modal dialogs.

Fun & Instant Theming

When it comes to theming of Drupal 8, the platform comes with the fast, flexible and completely secure template engine for PHP that is known as Twig. With it, templates can be written in a simple to learn syntax that brings a lot of simplifications and greater security. Moreover, it will also make designing excellent and functional Drupal websites will be easier than ever before.

A Great User Experience

Drupal 8 also leverages jQuery UI's autocomplete and modal dialogs in order to sere your visitors with a great experience that they will never forget.

Multilingual Capabilities

Drupal 8 has a capability to speak your language when it comes to deploying a web presence. Using this high-end platform, you can translate anything in the system with the built-in user interface. You can also get software translation updates automatically from the Drupal community.

Users are also capable of building pages with views language filtering and block visibility. No matter whether you are looking for the first installation screen all the way or want to translating views and image fields, the whole experience is made a lot easier.

Industry-Standard Approach

The all new launched Drupal 8 features a lot of modern, object-oriented code and embraced the latest PHP standards. It also leverages various best of breed external libraries, including composer, PHPUnit, Zend Feed Component, Guzzle, Assetic and many more. Drupal is no longer on an island.

More Field Power

By including various field types in core, Drupal 8 widens the signature content structuring system and allows people to attach fields to more types of content. Some new types include date, link, telephone, entity reference, email and more. Now, comments are a field and for instance, you can take comments on products and also attach fields to forms in order to develop custom contact forms.

Better Markup with HTML5

As we all know that HTML5 plays a very crucial role in making websites fully-functional and compatible with mobile screens. This industry standard is included in Drupal 8 and now it has more proper native input tools on mobile for fields like email, date and phone.

So, these are the new and exclusive features of Drupal 8 platform that every businessman can enjoy. However, if you are looking forward to getting more information on Drupal 8 and its solutions, you can stay connected with us. Moreover, you can also hire Drupal developer to discuss your requirements.