Are WordPress & Joomla Really Not The Best CMS?

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As we all know that for most of the people worldwide, WordPress and Joomla are the most popular CMS, but the fact is that they are not really the best CMS in the market. Well, I know that it is one such truth that is hard to digest for a lot of people, who are using these CMSs.

From years, lots of people trust these content management systems for everything like to gain more popularity and to boost user-experience. Now, these CMSs are not really the best CMSs in the market – Why? Let’s discuss on it.

WordPress is not the Best CMS

From past several years, WordPress has gained huge popularity in the market as it is the foremost blogging platform. Now, many of you all may think that this is the best platform for everything like corportate websites, personal blogs and more.

However, the fact is that whenever any developer works on the features for WordPress, they first think is for writing blog post. They do not care about that whether it run on a realty website or law firm.

Moreover, WordPress is one such platform that suffers a lot like other CMSs suffer from. When it comes to plugins of it, any of its plugins are not tested by any WordPress core developer to make sure that they pass some form of QA before entering the plugin repository.

More Plugins = More Blow-up

It is also one of the most common problems in Content Management systems especially with WordPress. It is not possible for users to run WordPress without installing at least 5 plugins from the plugin directory. It is quite simple that the more plugins you install, the more your site’s performance suffers. No matter who developed the plugin, it can problem in your site and slowdown your website.

Constant Updates

If you are a new WordPress user and you got an update notice, you will surely consider it as a good thing to adopt it for the security reasons of your website. Well, the problem is that a simple plugin can also slow-down your website and leave you messed-up.

At last, you have to find a developer to help you in this mess. However, this is not only problem with WordPress, but with various numbers of CMSs that are relying on plugins faces such problems.

The solution of this problem is to simply have a fail-safe in place, which copies your website, performs the update in a sandbox. If you are using a WordPress managed hosting solution like WP Engine, this type of problem is not very common as WP Engine allows you to have a dev copy to test updates on.

Joomla is Not the Best CMS

Across the world, there are various people, who madly in love with Joomla as it is one such open source platform that helps a lot open source products to shine in the market. It is also simply not the best CMS in the market.

Again Plugin Game

Today, Joomla is also suffering the same problem that WordPress is suffering from. When it comes to plugins, these are not the tested against the system by Joomla core developers. Before adding to the repository, it is important for Joomla core developers to test the plugins. Moreover, there are lots of outdated plugins from 2010 and 2012 all over the Joomla directory.

Got Hacked?

As compare to any other CMS based websites, Joomla sites have a highest rate of hacking attempts. Well, it is not the only problem with Joomla, but it is more with it may be because of the popularity of this platform.

A lot of people out there are complaining about the hacking problem of their Joomla website as hackers of targeting more on this platform. Well, this happens because of the core problem.

However, Joomla is highly recommended for projects that it is not best suited for. In short, people, who try to set-up Joomla with zero knowledge of the CMS are more likely to make mistakes. As a result their websites got hacked again and again.


As you know that Joomla as well as WordPress have a lot of problems and while they are good products, but not the best CMS to recommend it for anything without taking it carefully. Well, we can’t say that which is the Best CMS in the market, but you are using one with cautions, you can smoothly run your website or blog.

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