5 Easy to Follow Steps to Convert PSD to Joomla

PSD To Joomla Steps
Today, Joomla is the most powerful and advanced content management system with more than thirty five million downloads worldwide. Being open source software, this platform allows users to get high-end website with some high-end features, functionalities and incredible performance.

Offering a comprehensive range of extension libraries, Joomla is a well-known CMS that can give your dream website with very less efforts. As compare to other platforms, Joomla considered as a highly interactive platform when it comes to publishing web content.

Because of its diversity and flexibility, there are lots of people, who are looking for PSD to Joomla so that they can also enjoy some unique features. However, converting PSD to Joomla is not really difficult, but it actually needs proper dedication and skills in graphic design, HTML programming and some CSS skills.

So, if you have decided to begin with PSD to Joomla conversion, below given guide can help you out in your work, thus have a look:

First: Making of PSD Layout

Firstly, you need to make a PSD layout to begin with the procedure of converting your PSD to Joomla. However, if you are a professional designer, then you can easily follow steps with Photoshop, but unfortunately, if you are not a professional designer, you can find lots of free PSD templates online that can be used to develop a perfect website.

Still, it is necessary that you have little Photoshop skills in order to complete the first step of converting your PSD to Joomla. To get some knowledge and information, you can go through this course (Adobe Photoshop CC Learn by Video).

Second: Slicing the Graphics of the PSD

Once, if you done with the template part, now you have to go with slicing the template so that you can create the background, images and other important components of graphics for your page.

In order to piecing the PSD accurately, it is important that you have some Photoshop skills so that you can access with different layers and components of the image and execute them in your website. It is also important that you include some components in the CSS file and remember that included elements will not be recovered from the PSD.

Third: Design HTML To Comprise Graphic Elements

Using HTML, you can add some of the major graphics to your website once you have the graphical elements ready. It is one such step that needs a good understanding of HTML. It is one such step that needs little knowledge and understanding of HTML. In order to make yourself aware about HTML, you can have a course like Learn HTML 5 from any good place as you can start to learn the HTML.

Developing the HTML requires developing the logo and the menu structure as well for your new Joomla template. Moreover, it also enables you to specify the layout of the page like where to include columns, how many columns and other similar elements.

Fourth – Template’s CSS Coding

With the help of HTML template, if you have finalized the layout, now you will need to build the style sheet that will be applied to the HTML as well as the website. Through style sheet, you can get huge help in determining heading formats, hyper-link formats, font formats and more.

For easy to access, the CSS file will be saved in the main folder and it will also decide the format of the final website. Users can easily coded CSS so that they can include graphic elements such as menu lists, sliders and other designing elements by which they can get help in taking their website on the top position.

When it comes to coding the CSS, it needs basic information and knowledge of style sheets work as well as how to code them. As we all know that CSS occupied in converting a PSD to CSS that is quite advanced and needs core knowledge of coding and how it works.

Fifth – Finally Integrating the Design into Joomla

Once, your website’s front end is completed, now you have to integrate the files into a Joomla template. Graphics, CSS and the HTML are forming the front end of the website as Joomla is the engine that manages the content for the website, so it is necessary that the integration forms a seamless link between the front end and the program.

There is one file structure, which has to be followed to make sure that the content is displayed accurately while integrating your HTML and CSS into the Joomla template. However, this step also requires good information about Joomla and how this content management system works. On Joomla, there are some major instructions given that is associated on Joomla itself, including on building a template. At the end, by converting a PSD to Joomla, you can make your website completely stunning in graphically.

So, these are the five simple steps to follow to converting PSD to Joomla as it only needs some dedication and basic knowledge. However, you can also go with Joomla developer for hire to get the solution.