All Your know about DrupalCamp at Donetsk

Drupal Development
This year, a DrupalCamp at Donetsk is hosted by Ukraine on April 26-27th 2014. Those people, who are facing difficulty in their business and doesn’t have any clue about how to move further, then Drupal is one-stop solution. With a variety of functionalities, one can simply solve simple as well as complex problem. There is no doubt, Drupal is one of the most excellent CMS that being developed by the community and thus, it has practical relationship with society.  

Let’s see the session that taken place in this DrupalCamp. Talking about this session, it takes place in the native language that is in Russian. However, topics are translated in English.

Common Mistakes While Working on Drupal:

Alexey Gaydabura will talk about to avoid common mistakes while working with Drupal. He is working as lead developer at Skilld. In this session, he is going to elaborate on errors that are created while constructing some lines of code, theming and working on frontend and optimization.

Boosting the theming skills

Artem Shymko conducts session on the theming skills and addressing the Drupalars across the world about the way they can hone their skills of theming. Different and interesting theming tools are available for people to choose from for their project and start developing remarkable theme.

Personalizing Drupal:

Artem Miroschnik will take session about personalization of Drupal and he will also be emphasizing on the set of modules such as Visitor Actions, Acquia lift and Personalize. With this session, attendees easily enhance the user experience when they visit the website.

AWS Cloud Journey

Andrew Boag will be telling about some remarkable things regarding his AWS cloud journey. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and web Development Company, named Catalyst IT has experienced of developing apps of AWS.

Drupal and Rich Text

A report is presented by Vadim Valuev that focused on media saturated text, how to edit the same in Drupal, the configuration of text styles and visual editors to have the appearance of website as one single page, combining editing and safety, management of pictures and videos on the websites and the way different modules interact with each other. This session will take place in Russian language.

Fine-tuning and customization of Drupal

Osman Seferov will be speaking on topic of fining tune and customizing Drupal using CKEditor. This session also has a brief comparison of CKEditor with other editor and comparison of different modules. Through this session, compliance with standard CEO will also be discussed.

One page Drupal Website through Drupal module

Vasily Yaremchuk has experienced of developing module with excellent functionality and in this session, he will be discussing about a module through which you can create a Drupal CMS only through one page website.

In addition, there are more sessions that going to conduct this three day grand event where all the Drupalistas around the world are invited. So, what are waiting for? Come and join to gather knowledge about Drupal content management system.

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