Make Your Internet More Safer with Joomla Security Solutions

One of the leading UK based Safer Internet Organizations ‘Safe Internet’ has announced 11th February as Safer Internet Day. The team of CNP Integrations is frequent bloggers as well as presenters on security topics.

When it comes to CNP, it stands dedicated with the Joomla Community to increase alertness and open dialog on ways to make the internet a safer place for everyone. In order to get people involved in this important plan, they are doing their part in helping while taking some serious steps to keep bad guys out and reporting them to the authorities.

However, the Joomla development community is the most hostile when it comes to security. We also know that the latest 3.2 release of Joomla comes with some excellent features two factor authentications.

Does it mean that Joomla now has security authentication options such as your portal where they can require you to use a second security code to log-in? Generally, there will one code sent to your mobile phone or email address that expires in approximately 10 minutes or less. This feature of Joomla may drastically decrease the latent of hackers to access your site via a log in hacks.

Joomla also boosts the minimum need for use of PHP with the release of 3.3. This increases the bar considerably, allowing all the hosting companies to protect the server environments on which these websites are hosted. However, the Joomla community is getting in touch with all the major hosting companies in an effort to additional bolster security. The community team is opening direct communication channels with the major players in the development community.

It is also true that the networks of hacker have made some advance and more powerful tools that can be used for good as well as bad as it is depend on the user’s purpose. The whole development community also found that it is always best to being hostile and practical to discourage unlawful use of emerging technologies.

Moreover, the CNP also announced a new hosting platform built along with the Cloud Access for further security measures. The all new hosting and security services platform enables users to scan, test, optimize and lock down Joomla CMS better than any other open source CMS solution in the market.

After that the CNP Integrations began with the change to secure their hosting platform in the mid 2013 through their relationship with Cloud Access that offers the most secure and optimized hosting services dedicated to Joomla. Through the team packaged it into a bundled services, which are not only competitive, but works like an insurance policy for a company and organization’s web assets.

There are lots of companies and organizations that are depended on their official sites as a serious aspect of their business and communication. These companies and organizations need to aggressively protect their web property, but sometimes they do not have such time to keep in touch with all the security challenges.

CNP is one such company that has history of serving business class web security solutions to its customers. However, this company also launched a Joomla Lifeline program in order to help website owners with older versions of Joomla to change into the latest and greatest technologies. The major intention was to enhance security with the maximum use of technology investment. With advanced security techniques, this program has helped lots of users to lock down and protect their existing portal systems.

When it comes to Joomla CMS, it is one of the most popular and number one content management systems in Europe. Being the most successful CMS, Joomla has been developed from 100% volunteer organization as it is an exclusive business model that stands out in the marketplace and leaves many folks consistently in astonishment. So, this program and feature rich Joomla security solutions make internet more safer for all the users. If you are looking to get more information on Joomla development and its solutions, you can click here.