10 Best & Highly Useful Open Source Applications for Web Developers

Open Source Applications & Web Developer
We all know that web developers have very tough job in their hands to perform as web developing is one such task that needs lots of efforts and time. Web developers will surely love it that can help them and make their job a lot easier and quicker to perform.

They love to use different open source tools that can help them in their task, but not all obtainable tools are up to the mark. So, it is better for them to check out some best and highly useful open source applications that suit their needs and help them a lot.

  1. Syte: Syte is one such open source application that integrates all of the users’ social interactions from Twitter, Tumblr, Github, Instagram, Dribbble and other services into personal websites. Being an easy-to-use application, it allows users to learn all about the business’ online activities from one convenient location.

  2. OpenBEL: Initially, it had its origins in the Selventa, but it is now managed by the Linux Foundation and mainly aimed at the developing of a programming language’s representing scientific findings in the life sciences in a computable form.

  3. Elementary OS: Elementary OS is a great application that is based on Ubuntu and works on an emphasis places on simplicity, modern interfaces, speed and applications. Earlier this month, the official release of this application was announced.

  4. Reveal.js: Reveal.js is another great application in the set of HTML presentation as it features wonderful three-dimensional navigation system and different impress.js that has an easy-to-use editor.

  5. Open Source Malaria: Open Source Malaria is an effort to search for a cure for malaria as it is another great example of the open source movement spreading beyond software. This is the best to use tool as it is hosted on GitHub and one can contribute.

  6. CoreOS: CoreOS is an alpha release application, and the CoreOS version of Linux has been especially designed for massive server deployments.

  7. GPUImage: GPUImage is an alternative application to Apple’s core image filters and thus it offers in terms of its USP faster processing, so users should thank to its use of GPU technology.

  8. Cheddar for iOS: Cheddar is one of the best open source applications for iOS that makes it easy for users to track the users’ to-do list on the go.

  9. OpenWorm: This application is extraordinary and looks to develop the first digital life form’s virtual version of the C.

  10. Hyperlapse: Hyperlapse is a great tool that is using Google Street View images for the creation of creating time-lapse videos that can be moved from one location to another wonderfully.

So, these are 10 best and highly useful open source applications allow web developers to carry-out their task of developing sites extremely easily. If you are looking to get a professional open source customization services, you need to hire an experienced open source developer for your project.

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