Joomla! World Conference Invited WordPress and Drupal

Last month, the 2nd Joomla! World Conference was held and in last year’s conference, we had seen speakers from major open source names like MySQL and Mozilla in San Jose. This year, the team of Joomla! World Conference put step further and welcomes WordPress CMS speaker, Matt Mullenweg. He is a great man and one of the co-founders of WordPress and also found Automattic, the popular company behind

According to some source, Matt attended the whole day of the conference and has shared some important tips with the viewer. An interaction round is also there to solve problem of people present there. Along with Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Nacin, a WordPress core developer was also presented to spend much time talking with Joomla’s own core developers. It was a great day of Joomla developers as they learned a lot from talking at length to someone, who is in same positing and have huge knowledge of coding on uncountable sites.

The conference was not only completed with two of the top WordPress contributors, but also contributed by Angie Bryon, a Drupal core developer. So, we can say that Joomla World Conference is the best for those people, who like to hear from leaders of the Joomla, Drupal and WordPress projects.

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