Finally, Joomla Framework has been landed in the Market

Joomla Customization
Today, Joomla is one of the biggest as well as most popular open source Content Management Systems that used for developing websites, blog, custom applications to Intranets and more. Finally, the company has declared that the instant availability of the Joomla Framework. By hearing this wonderful news, there are lots of developers, who are able to combine features from the Joomla framework with the features of other open source frameworks as they are able to develop their own application as well as CMS.

Being a free and open source CMS, Joomla Web Design is the best platform for publishing web content as it is built on a model-view-controller web application framework that can be easily used independently of the CMS. It is written in PHP and uses object-oriented programming techniques; however, it also comes with range of features like page caching, news flashes, printable versions of pages, support for language internationalization, blogs, search and polls.

When it comes to talk about the all new Joomla Framework, it is also obtainable for free as it is open source software. There are some Joomla framework codes that are developed for the Joomla CMS as it is used to manage content for approximately 3% of all sites across the world.

Paul Orwig, a president of Open Source Matters, non-profit organization created for organizational, legal and financial support to the Joomla project, said “Joomla was built to empower developers to have more flexibility and options for their CMS and apps, and the new Framework takes this mission to a whole new level”.

He also added “While Joomla certainly has proven it has the features needed to power the web presence of some of the world's largest web properties, it's important that we not turn a blind eye to the amazing features other open source platforms offer. By enabling our features to be combined with other open source software, we are ensuring developers have the most powerful and flexible tools they need to make the digital world a better place”.

The all new Joomla framework offers some wonderful and amazing features comprising:
  • A complete collection of lightweight, independent feature-specific packages.

  • One such framework that is easy to adopt and extend.

  • The power of established tools for handling dependency management issues (Composer) and providing easy integration with a variety of other packages (Packagist).
This new framework has been downloaded by more than 46 million times since this framework has been separated from the Joomla CMS. However, if developers want to use Joomla, they do not have to install framework and the same way if they are looking to use framework, they do not have to install CMS. If you are looking to get Joomla development services, you need to download Joomla developer, who offers best quality Joomla services.

Recently, Joomla has launched Joomla framework that is separate from Joomla CMS. The all new Joomla Framework comes with lots of features that you can find in this blog. You can also share your views on this framework by commenting below!

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