5 Highly Popular Open Source Programming Tools That You Should Know

These days, open source as development model has gained huge popularity in the market as it allows various businessmen to develop highly interactive websites for their business to expand their worldwide. Users can find plenty of open source tools that are flourishing as licenses permit, allowing you to revise, extend and fix the code.

There are lots of open source development tools that can be used to make your task easy yet hassle-free. However, using some popular and feature-rich tools is very much important, so here I have listed 7 highly popular and widely demanded open source programming tools that you should know and use to make your task easy:


In order to automate the process like Gerrit, the tool has been created and it is one such tool that works very closely with Git and Repo to allow code validators to send comments to the central Git repository, allowing wide Meta layer of discussion on the top of the code.

Formerly, discussions were taken plane in header comments, but the separation has been done to a dedicated layer. Gerrit tool enables you for more difficult discussion that doesn’t force you to wade through old change discussions before getting to the code.

Rhomobile Rhodes:

As we all know that Ruby is the second well-known language on Githud; however, this will not help you out in your iPhone program, one such platform that prefers Objective-C. Rhomobile Rhodes is an open source platform for packing up Ruby sites and stuffing them into an iPhone app. To handle the layout, you can easily use jQuery Mobile.


Hadoop is the most powerful open source programming tool that displays in the form of Watson, IBM’s “DeepQA” machine that recently beat the two greatest human champions in a game of "Jeopardy." To orchestrate lots of algorithms, this framework was used to search for an answer in parallel. It is one such common tool for splitting apart the work into pieces, which can be computed on separate servers.


Lots of programmers are using Firebug tool as this tool is leading the way. This tool has generated a subcategory of plug-ins that expand firebug itself in wonderful manner. When it comes to talk about the FirePython, it doesn’t actually live on the browser as it gets inserted into the server.
We can say that Firebug has gained huge popularity among developers as all major browsers provide detailed information about the images and scraps of code.


NoSQL trend has been started some time ago as it keeps heating up as lots of sites know that their future is in wide quantities of data that do not need all the belts and suspenders protections offered by databases like Oracle. This is one such tool that makes it easy to deploy NoSQL into clouds. Being an easy to use tool, it allows you to make your task easy yet straightforward, so make use of this tool and enjoy lots of features.

So, these are the 5 open source programming tools that can be used easily. However, if you are also looking for open source development service, you can hire open source developer, who has hands-on experience in open source development industry.

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