Open Source CMS War Drupal v/s Joomla- Who Wins?

 Open Source Drupal vs Joomla

When it comes to programmer, developer and IT person, they can have different types of content management systems to adopt for their projects. Drupal and Joomla are two of the popular Open source content management systems that built in PHP. Both of these CMS vary significantly in terms of flexibility, features and capability.

Even though Drupal and Joomla are created on the same technology stack, they are different in capabilities and features. Looking to their dissimilarity, in this infographics, we have discussed certain dissimilar points of two content management systems that will helps you to pick one from them.

Whether you want to hire Drupal developers for Drupal CMS or Hire Joomla developers for your Joomla CMS project, it is must to go through this infographics to understand which content management system is ideal.

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