7 Points That Prove Java’s Continuing Support & Supremacy

As we all know that Java is a computer programming language, which is parallel, object-oriented and specially designed to have some implementation dependencies. Across the world, millions of people are using this language, but various people forget about this value given technology. However, Java is considering the next enterprise support to find itself on the ropes of bearing.

As per some people, Java’s middle-age utility is no longer attractive for the magazine cover spreads. Since its launch, the app development cognoscenti are looking across to attract bazaar of Node.js, Go, the Like, Objective-C and more. Java is a foundation of the lots of platforms that design to serve way for software to run wonderfully on more than one chip architecture.

That problem has been solved for the server programmers, embedded programmers and client programmers. Before, we completely forget about Java and its unique features, here you can find 7 important points or we can say reasons that why Java is still the king of lots of platforms. Let’s have look 7 major points:

Java – A First & Foremost Programming Language:

Java is the first programming language for Advanced Placement Computer Science and it is the first language that students learn. It is one such language that sticks with constantly no matter whether it is good or bad. Whenever they are facing any new languages, they are mostly seeing weaknesses and strengths relative to Java.

There are lots of people, who leave the Java fold; however they still considering their base opinions on what they learned from it in their first class. This excellent language offers various benefits for teaching computer science. You would many programmers, who hate it when they specifying the type for the data, frequently calling it belts and suspenders programming.

It is quite terrible, but it is wonderful for beginners to learn what going on inside the computer. When they asked about to spell out the kind of data, it makes them in deep thinking. Various popular languages are there that are moving away because of their bothersome maintaining. It is quite true, but it is helpful for new programmers, who want to understand nested blocks.

It’s Amazing Cross-platform Compatibility:

Well, Java was not the first programming language that aiming for cross-platform compatibility, but Java is the most popular. Here, I am not saying that it is the perfect, it also misses some library or an incompatible version will crash the code. It is not possible to get latest JRE 1.7 code compiled for a desktop with gigabytes of RAM, but you can run it on a Java ME phone.

Now, Oracle as well as Sun have done great job as they can easily make cross-platform compatibility work various times. It will work wonderfully, if you use accurate versions of java and ensure that there is enough memory. Java experts are allowed o use the desktop tools in order to develop the code and move I on the place. If compiler comes with perfect libraries then you should check it for the perfect for the right version.


Once, Java was also called Oak which was specially designed for the set-top boxes; however, the plan did not work accurately, but java helps a lot in managing to find a better place in the living room. Across the Java, the Blu-ray standard has been developed and there are some people, who want to add extra content to a Blu-ray disk that must go out the version of JavaC compiler.

Thrilling of threads:

One of the major ability of Java is to manage multiple threads without any hassle. We all know that the JVM is optimized for big and multicore machines and it frequently handle lots of threads without clasping. Its flexibility is what that attracts lots of other languages to come-up with cross-compilers and emulators.

Constant Success on Small Chips:

Java has got huge success in the mobile world as well because its segment happens to be exploding. The most popular Android platform is developed on Java from scratch to end and it is easily obtainable outperforming the iPhone.


There is no need to run a new language, if developers or programmers have complete information and cleaner idea with syntax with dynamic typing. They can make use of groovy that produces Java byte code. It is completely integrated with Java, so you can also mix in calls to Java libraries in the middle of your Groovy.

Open Source:

Java programmers have launched lots of great libraries and projects with very loose open source license. The Apache project continues to offer excellent Java code with a license which not needs much in return, but the company also tried to be what it thinks of as professional steward of the language. It is one such language that runs everything as it is open to change. You can also replace various parts of the libraries with your own code if you need different functionality. Java is open sand very flexible.

So, these are 7 different points that prove Java is still supporting and supremacy in the market with its range of features, functionalities and excellent performance.