Prefer Moodle Development to Develop Excellent E-learning Apps

Moodle Development
MOODLE stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is commonly known as free-source E-learning application. MOODLE is also recognized as Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Learning Management System (LMS). It can be termed as education software on which you can easily expand educational application with ease. MOODLE development is serving more than 57 million users through around 72K registered sites, which are developed on it. This factor assures that MOODLE is quite popular among the people and especially among the students.

Basic Features

MOODLE offers varied features for the development of e-learning application. Some of the core features are as follows:

  • Compiling Assignments
  • Online Calendar Chart
  • Grading
  • Files or Documents Downloads
  • Quick Messages
  • Online Questions and Quiz
  • And Various Others
Moodle is very flexible from the developers’ point of view as they can manipulate the software according to their wish to generate better applications. Moodle also allows the programmers to create plugins for supportive functionality. It is noticeable that Infrastructure of Moodle permits following plug-ins:

  • Graphics Based Themes
  • Resource Types
  • Authorization Methods
  • Enrollment Procedures
  • Data Sector Types
  • Content sort outs
  • And Other Additional
Developer can generate new modules for Moodle using PHP language. The open-source nature of the Moodle gave an opportunity to the programmers to develop the software and they came with the positive results. The whole credit for moodle development goes to the enthusiastic and expert developers.

When moodle appeared for the first time in the technology market, it was packed with few complex features that were hurdles in path of its development. In course of time, moodle came with new and better version that raised its standard as well as offered developers a great platform to create e-learning application without worrying about the quality measures. It is noticeable that you can even install moodle in the variety of operating systems, including- Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, Netware and UNIX without modifying its original version.

All the expansion factors of Moodle, including – up gradation, bugs and latest features are maintained in the Moodle tracker. You also have right to view the work that others are doing and are permitted to participate in the conversation. If you are looking ahead to search any specific issue, initially, you have to search it in tracker.

The core expansion of the moodle is handled by its main team, which is assisted by the developers around the globe. You can also contribute in moodle development by generating modules or other features for it.