Maximum Sale Convert Though Ecommerce Shopping Cart

If you search shopping carts software on the Internet, you may find many contradictory explanations. There are few common misconceptions about shopping carts:

The E-Commerce Website Itself Is a Shopping Cart

Some people think that the website involved in online sales itself is a shopping cart. This means the sales-order form, catalogue, payment gateway, product descriptions and other features of a website combined is called a shopping cart. However, wrong, it is one of the most popular misconception.

A Shopping Cart Includes All Functions Necessary For And Related to Payments

This although is very much the part of my first point, but in a more specific sense. There are few people who understand that an e-commerce website and a shopping cart are separate, but then they believe that everything related to accepting payments is called a shopping cart. This includes processing of credit cards, authentication and invoice generation.

Then what exactly is a shopping cart? In its most precise definition- A shopping cart is simply an order capturing software. Hence, the shopping cart is neither the payment gateway nor the product catalogue, but it interfaces with both of them.

X-Cart is one of the most widely used shopping carts. X-Cart is an efficient shopping cart solution highly useful for trouble-free online sales for e-commerce businesses.

Avoid Unnecessary Details of the Customer Before Sale

You would like to capture as much customer information as possible. But this can be frustrating which increases the possibility of him abandoning you. Take just the most imperative details or you can keep a very small and simple registration form. You can rather keep a kind of "Know Your Customers" form after the sale if the customer is interested.

Remove Excess Navigation Options During Checkout

This is very much psychological. There are lots of navigation options like main menu, search box, sidebars, favorites, etc. to make browsing easy and interactive. However, when the customer is in the final checkout process, it is better to eliminate excess navigation options to avoid any chance of distraction.

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X-Cart Customization: X-Cart is 100% PCI-DSS compatible ecommerce shopping cart software. With help of PA-DSS certified X-Payments software you can accept credit cards right on your X-Cart powered web-site. X-Cart has a W3C-compliant store front with a CSS-based layout.

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