Software Development Technologies - An Important Aspect of Open Source

In the past, the process of open source software development was quite unstructured as there were not much tools and technologies available. But, now-a-days, lot of development tools has been introduced by open source community.

Some of the most popular technologies are PHP, Java, Joomla, My SQL, Drupal etc. Today, many outsourcing software development companies are using open source technologies for developing software and web applications. Open Source Software development consists of various phases. If you are modifying or taking an existing software code as the base to come up with new software, you have to directly go to the execution phase. On the other hand, if you are developing software from the scratch, you will have to follow all Software Development Life Cycle steps.

It is very hard to follow traditional software development models such as waterfall model for open source software development. These models do not allow returning back to previous steps during the course of software development which is required in open source software development. Agile Software development is best suited for open source software development because agile techniques are incremental and iterative.

One of the most famous agile software development techniques "Internet Speed Development" is also preferred for open source software development because it works on distributed development principle. In internet speed open source development technology, several geographically distributed teams are formed and project is divided among these teams. Lots of large open source firms like Redhat and Ubuntu adopt this method as they are able to form geographically distributed development centers. This helps to get developers from all over the globe to work in co-ordination over a single project.

Open Source community came up with lot of famous and preferred technologies used by developers as PHP is one of the most widely used technology. PHP is widely used for making websites, web applications, desktop applications and web based services. PHP recently released PHP 5.3 with some major updates.

PHP is also preferred over other languages as it has a large community group which help in removing bugs and providing source codes for modification for various software. Another famous open source technology that is used for open source software development is MySQL database. MySQL is a relational database management system that allows lot of users to work on multiple databases simultaneously.

MySQL is also most important component of LAMP stack used widely for Web servers all over the world. The other popular open source outsourced product development tools that are used by organizations are java, Perl, Lisp etc. Today, every organization prefers open source technologies as it doesn't require large amount of investment needed for license purchase and also have large community for help.

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