Mobile Ecommerce Solution - Basic Considerations

Mobile Ecommerce Solutions
Mobile Ecommerce Solutions
Mobile ecommerce had a dream run in the market in the year 2010 and this year it is expected to do even better. Smart phones are becoming more and more affordable and they come equipped with the latest mobile ecommerce applications. Due to various mobile ecommerce solutions, the usage of mobile web has increased a great deal in the past few years.

However, there are still some issues that will affect mobile ecommerce solutions such as:
• The HTML has to be developed semantically so that users of old models can use your website with a bit of CSS support.
• The layout has to be structured so that it fits in all screen sizes. The pages should neatly fit in the available space and also use up extra space after the toggle from portrait to landscape.
• JavaScript is not compatible with all mobile phones so users should be able to access the website without the help of JavaScript. You can use it to provide a better surfing experience to users who have JavaScript enabled phones.
• The Click-to-Call option is a very important part of page design on the mobile web as people are more likely to make errors when they are buying by using their cellular phones.
• Online forms should be made simple and easy so that users face no difficulty in filling them out. The screen space is limited so developers have to overcome this challenge too.
• The color and font are two factors that you need to keep in mind because mobile phones are often used in locations that are poorly lit. While reading text on their phones, people tend to skim the content so you should avoid the usage of upper case text as much as possible.
• Different handsets provide various methods in accessing the mobile web nowadays. The selection of buttons and links should be made hassle-free and convenient. The area of the “click” should be large and the spacing between the links should be adequate so that users don’t click on any other link apart from the one that they want.

Developers have to take these factors and many more into account while designing any mobile ecommerce solution. To effectively streamline the whole process, these issues should be overcome as fast as possible so that it is beneficial for all involved. Integrating easy access to social networking websites will be an added bonus because many are now using their phones to update their statuses and to reach out to their friends.

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