Offshore Application Development - A Web Development Way

What Is Offshore Application Development?
Offshore software development is the process of contracting with an offshore developer to design and develop specific software applications. If this were not possible, the development would have to be done by indigenous personnel at a much higher cost. By outsourcing application development a business can re-arrange its assets to more productive tasks.
In outsourcing, the company can more closely achieve its goals and objectives. This sort of outsourcing strategy is employed by organizations and businesses of any size attracted by the reduced cost of web development operations as well as the freeing of human resources which can be allocated to other essential functions.
Why Develop Software Offshore?
Information technology in general and software creation in particular are two key areas of outsourcing. Offshore application development is here to stay because it offers significant benefits to the outsourcing client, and of course, the offshore developer company. Development by offshore sources is like having a partner with values running parallel to your business objectives.
Many developing countries have a vast talent pool of IT professional personnel and offer skilled application development services at a considerably lower cost. First world countries invest in these skills with countries where there is a developed and well-established IT infrastructure in place. Offshore development has come a long way from the initial period where outsourcing was confined to specific development of select applications.
Nowadays offshore application development covers a wide spectrum of developing and designing complex and advanced customized software programs and solutions. Application development has now opened new fields in financial services, transcription services, retail services, e-governance and pharmaceuticals.
What Are The Benefits?
Software development outsourcing offers substantial advantages, some of which are:
- Labor cost is reduced by as much as 25% resulting in significant savings
- Productivity increases from between 25 and 30 per cent
- Hardware and software technologies can be rationalized
- Total cost of ownership is considerably reduced
Which Companies Benefit?
Many people associate offshore application development with small companies operating with limited budgets. While this is partly true, offshore development is an accepted business practice with many of the big names in the IT and other sectors. Taking advantage of the benefits, many giant organizations and businesses have set up offices in developing countries specifically for application development. Some of the big names are General Electric, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Texas Instruments, HP and Dell Computers to name just a few.

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